i 3 Bicchieri

I 3 Bicchieri is our little big project, our concept of cooking. A space where imagination lays on the palate to fill the heart.
It's everything and nothing. A restaurant, a family, a home for the taste. I 3 Bicchieri is a place that talks about us, about what we like and hope you might like.
It's a flavours factory made by instruments, effort, perseverance, sacrifice and commitment.
For all of you wants to be little happy oasis, where to indulge yourself and leave your worries behind.

Menu S/S 2019

Our menus are the result of costant research and experimantation. Continuously evolving to pursue our chef instinct and creativity.

Follow us in our variation through these lines..

TASTINGS: The Sea & The Land

Six Seafood or Landfood Samples Proposed By The Chef

TASTINGS: The Tuscan Tradition

Menu’ Composed Of 3 Courses From The Tuscan Tradition


Slow Cooking And Grilled Octopus, Wild Turnip Cream, Crème Fraiche And Nduja In Apricot Sauce

Raw Shrimps Tartare, Green Apple, Bufala Cheese And Pop Corn Powder

Beef Chianina Tartare, Anchovies, Hazelnuts And Bitter Endive

Confit Amberjack, Avocado Mayonnaise, Semi Candied Lime, Almond Milk And Puffed Rice

Seared Scallop, Almond And Basil Crumble, Pickled Cucumber, Strawberry Coulis (Reduction) And Sichuan Green Pepper

62 Degree Egg, White Tuber Cream, Toasted Bread Crunch And Bottarga (Pressed And Salted Roe Of Bluefin Tuna)

Aubergine Variation


Ravioli Stuffed With Creamed Codfish, Pod Cream, Lemon And Leek

Gnocchi Made With Ricotta Cheese, Asparagus Cream, Casentino’S Wild Pork Crunchy Bacon

Creamy Risotto With Salted Butter, Ginger And Three Cuttlefish Variations

Paccheri Pasta With Shellfish Ragout, Cold Parsley Extract, Seafood Green Sauce, Plankton Sheets And Katsobushi

“Spaghettini” Pasta With Garlic, Olive Oil And Hot Pepper, Tuna Milt And Its Own Bottarga (Pressed And Salted Roe Of Bluefin Tuna)

“Tagliatellina” Home Made Pasta With Arezzo’S Traditional Ragu’

Homemade Tortelli Stuffed With Mortadella, Milk Sauce, Cooked Must, Orange And Pistachios


“Tonnato” Tuna, Caramelized Spring Onions And Caper Powder

Fermented Bean Vegetarian Burger

Beef Fillet, Locust Beans Powder, Potatoes And Red Fruits

Fish Of The Day With Spelt Bread Au Gratin, Chicory, Yoghurt Sauce And Anchovy Water (Anchovy Sauce From Cetara)

Rabbit Meat Stuffed With Lard And Plums, Baked Vegetable Cream And Fried Onion

“Mbuttunat E Fritt” Mullet With Provola Cheese, Roasted Pepper Cream And Smoked Aubergines

Our Fried Fish

Brigade de cuisine!

Our little brigade de cuisine. Fellow adventurers in this workshop of taste called I 3 Bicchieri



Constantly looking for a dish to be perfect in all its forms like a modern Indiana Jones, with his hat (white) and his whip (a whisk actually)..

Scapegoat of the entire brigade



Mother at home as in the restaurant. A bit Mary Poppins and a bit sergeant Hartman (the one from Full Metal Jacket so to speak)..

Wife of the scapegoat

The Brigade

the entire restaurant staff

The Brigade is first of all a family! Cooks, kitchen assistants, waiters, disciples, apprentices, friends, parents, you name it..

Those who point the finger at the scapegoat


Address: Piazzetta Sopra i Ponti, 35 Arezzo (AR) Italy

Telephone:+39 0575 26 55 7



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